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Antesis is, above all, the result of one man's vision : the founder and technical engineering manager, Alexis Rochereuil.

Alexis' experience and know-how have been put to the benefit of the monitoring of printing devices and their data analysis and interpretation.

Holder of a Master’s degree in MIAGE (Applied Methods in Business Management) Business Intelligence (BI) and the position of ISD for several years in a muti-site group of 700 employees, he has a crystal clear vision of how businesses are operating these days and where costs can be reduced.

His extensive skill mix enables this creation of unparalleled software so providing the client with increasingly effective and innovative solutions with the view to producing the best on the market.

Our Profession

We analyse, build and develop software solutions which optimise the management of printing devices (printers, copiers, plotters).

We also provide the marketing and technical support for our range of software.

Our commitments


Since the founding of Antesis, we have made the choice to work in total independence from manufacturers and from other players in the office automation sector. Our one and only goal is to put our clients' interests first.


Since the computing world is constantly evolving, the major challenge is to make innovation the focus of our software development. To ensure that customers receive the maximum return on investment and the service they deserve, we are actively adapting our software to market developments on a constant basis.


We work on our relationship with our clients by listening, reacting and following-up so as to integrate client requested functionalities within short time frames.


We attach great importance to the quality of the exchange we have with our customers and suppliers because we are truly convinced that by working closely together we can be even stronger and more efficient.
We provide our clients with all the internal technical help and support they need.

Our story

These are our milestones going back from 2011 to today:

2011 Creation of
  • 2013 Hyper-print v1
  • 2014 First sale
  • 2015 ACS
  • 2017 Hyper-print v2
  • 2019 ACS v2
  • 2020 C3S
2021 Doliprint

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