Antesis infrastructure

Antesis infrastructure

We are constantly developing the two areas of data security and reliability so as to be in step with the most demanding requirements of our business.

Hosting and security

We manage our own server farm hosted in a DATA CENTER tier IV, near Lyon (69).

We are affiliated with RIPE under number AS202869 which gives us our own range IP (Independant Provider) public IP addresses.

We use in-house all secure versions of the protocols when they exist.

We have several SQL and WEB clusters. Coupled to HA and LB devices and to a total redundancy of network equipment, we offer an unequalled availability rate in our customer service. As proof, since mid-2013 no hardware failure has affected the operation of the service during their guaranteed working hours.

Benefits of being a hosted solution

Choosing a hosted solution managed by ANTESIS guarantees you the following advantages:

Highest standards of performance

Our database performance levels are extremely high,offering you reliable, optimised solutions in every respect. We work on MariaDB which gives functional excellence and first-class performance.

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What's more, clustering allows for flawless data availability.

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